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Teknival is the ultimate electronic music festival, featuring non-stop tekno music and custom-built sound systems that attract music lovers and ravers from around the world. As a global phenomenon, Teknival celebrates the free party movement and promotes a unique culture and community that values resource sharing, opposition to commercialization, and freedom of expression.

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Teknival is all about free-spirited people coming together to dance, connect and celebrate life. It emerged in the early 1990's as a response to political repression in Great Britain, with sound systems traveling to other countries where laws were less restrictive. Today, teknivals are held all over the world and attract tens of thousands of visitors.

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Respect the underground tekno movement! 
Our emotional state: Happiness. 
Our nourishment: Love. 
Our dependence: Technology. 
Our religion: Music. 
Our currency: Knowledge. 
Our policy: None. 
Our society: A utopia that we know it will never be.

Teknival is a unique and vibrant music festival that originated in Europe in the 1990s. This festival is a celebration of electronic music, DIY culture, and the power of community. It is characterized by its massive sound systems, diverse range of electronic music styles, and an anarchic and creative atmosphere. In this blog post, we will explore the history and culture of Teknival, and what makes it such a special festival.

History of Teknival
The first Teknival was held in 1993 in Avignon, France, and was organized by a group of activists who wanted to create a space for electronic music and free expression. The festival quickly gained popularity and became a regular event in the electronic music scene. Since then, Teknivals have been held all over Europe, from the UK to Russia, and even in countries like India and Brazil.
Culture of Teknival
Teknival is a celebration of DIY culture, and it is characterized by its emphasis on self-organization and community building. Unlike other festivals, Teknivals are not organized by a centralized authority. Instead, they are organized by autonomous groups of individuals who come together to create the festival experience. This can involve everything from building stages and sound systems to providing food, water, and other essential resources for attendees.
The music at Teknival is a diverse range of electronic music styles, including techno, trance, hardcore, gabber, and more. The music is played on massive sound systems that can be heard for miles around. The atmosphere is fueled by a sense of collective energy and freedom, and attendees are encouraged to express themselves through their own art, music, and other forms of self-expression.
Teknival is also known for its anarchic and sometimes chaotic atmosphere. This is because the festival is not subject to the same regulations and rules as other festivals. As a result, Teknivals can be unpredictable and exciting, and attendees are always on the lookout for the unexpected.
Why Teknival is Special
What makes Teknival such a special festival is its celebration of electronic music and DIY culture. Unlike other festivals that are often commercialized and homogenized, Teknivals are a space for creative expression and experimentation. They are a celebration of the power of community and the human spirit, and they provide an opportunity for people from all over the world to come together and connect through their love of music and art.
Teknival is not just a festival; it is a movement. It represents a challenge to the status quo and a celebration of the power of individual and collective creativity. It is a space for people to come together and create something truly unique and special.
Teknival is a celebration of electronic music, DIY culture, and the power of community. It is a festival that represents the spirit of rebellion and creativity, and it provides an opportunity for people to come together and connect through their love of music and art. If you are interested in electronic music, DIY culture, or simply looking for a unique and unforgettable festival experience, then Teknival is the festival for you.